Helping First Nations People Live Our Best Lives

About Us

Our Vision

We aim to keep our families together (where possible)
Is to understand, respond and prevent violence to enable First Nations
families to live safely in their own homes and communities.

Our Mission

Is to develop and deliver culturally Principled, high-quality professional services.
To make and maintain inclusive relationships and collaborative partnerships,
and to advance and affect practices that empower women,
men and children to make self-determined informed decisions about families,
communities and lives in ways that are respectful, responsible, and right for them
and their communities.

Protect First Nation people’s right to determine their own futures.
Assist people to access and exercise their right to be heard and treated fairly before the law.
Foster relationships that have regard for the difference,(not deficit, rights and traditions) of all.
Open, transparent and professional practice adhering to black ethics.
The First Nations way of being, doing, valuing, and interpreting.
Vale Ms Susan Hamilton, former AFLSSQ Chief Executive Officer

Passed away 30 December 2018.

A proud, traditional Torres Strait Islander woman with degrees in both business and law, Ms Hamilton worked tirelessly to bring about much-needed change to the organisation, its structure, systems and services.

We continue to consider in a deliberative way how best to implement those changes going forward to ensure we deliver culturally-connecting legal, education, counselling and advocacy support and services for our clients and communities of Southern Queensland.

No words can adequately express our immense gratitude to Ms Hamilton for her tremendous service to AFLSSQ and our communities.

We honour her memory.